Community Level 3 — Comfortable

Sitting in a circle, everyone thinks of something special about the class, for example “We’re a good looking group!” or “We’re a hard-working group!” or “We’re a caring group!” All positive reflections are welcome.

The teacher starts the activity by saying, “We’re a good looking group.”  Someone else repeats her statement and adds one of his own by saying something like, “Not only are we a good looking group, but we are also a hard-working group.”  This calling out continues with each speaker starting with the statement just previously made and adding something new until no one else has anything to add.  Each speaker uses the “not only … but also” construction (a good one to know for both speaking and writing!).

Plan for Success: To increase participation and to build vocabulary, the group can work from a long list of adjectives provided or can first brainstorm their own list.

Variation: The list can be made cumulatively. For example, the second person in the above example would say, “We’re a good looking, hard-working, caring group.”  And the next person recites all three and adds a fourth attribute.