Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How to Play:
“Aka baka soda cracker, aka baka boo –
Aka baka soda cracker, out goes you!”

Everyone stands in a circle. As the chant is said players do jumping
jacks. Everyone stops on “you.” If you end up with your feet apart,
you sit down in the circle, and join in the rhythm of the chant with
alternating claps and knee slaps; you can start with either a clap or a
knee slap. If you end on “you” with a knee slap, you stand up again.

Plan for Success:
Practice the chant and the rhythm a few times so students know how to
say it. In and out are self-monitored. Students who fudge, and say
they landed on in when in fact they were out don’t gain anything by
doing this.

Variations: You can make this game more difficult by doing leg crosses or other complications as you jump.