Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How to Play: Students stand in a circle with their hands clasped
in front of them, fingers interlaced. Begin the activity by
demonstrating the following chant and body movements.

Chant “aroostasha, aroostasha, aroostasha-sha” while moving your clasped
hands from the right side of your body to the left and pulsing your
hands up and down to the beat. Then do the chant while moving your
hands back to the right side of your body, pulsing to the beat as you

Have the class repeat the chant and body movements after you.
Call out “thumbs up.” Chant and move with hands clasped and thumbs up (two times).
Call out “thumbs up, wrists together.” Chant and move with hands clasped, thumbs up, and wrists together.
Call out “thumbs up, wrists together, elbows in.” Chant and move with
hands clasped, thumbs up, wrists together, and elbows in.

By now the class should be able to do the movements as soon as you call
out the instruction. Keep going in this manner, adding one body
position at a time. For example, you can add: knees together, toes in,
bottom out, tongue out, etc.

Plan for Success: Everyone should be moving and chanting in the circle. This game is appropriate for mid-year.

Variations: Sometimes this game is called “tootie-tah.”