Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players pass an object around the circle while the
person who is “It” tries to name examples in a content category selected
by the leader. Before play begins, based on the size of the circle,
the group determines how many examples the “It” person will attempt to
list before the object travels around the circle (a smaller circle has
less passing time and therefore calls for fewer topics to list). The
leader gives the “It” person the object to pass, starts the game with a
command, and players begin to pass the object. “It” then names items in
the category (aiming for the determined number) before the object is
passed around the circle and returns to “It”.

Name 5 fractions equivalent to ΒΌ. (MS)
Name 5 adjectives. (Intermediate, MS)
Name 5 bones that connect. (MS)
Name 5 U.S. states. (Intermediate)

Plan for Success:
Model and practice passing the object around the circle. Stress calm,
efficient passing; try not to create a frenzied atmosphere for the
player listing the examples. If after a few rounds the number of
examples seems too high or too low, adjust and begin again.