Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Balloons filled with air

How To Play: Blow up one balloon per group and tie off the neck.
Ask your players to get into groups of 4 to 6. Join hands to form a
circle and try to keep the balloon aloft (off the floor) by batting the
balloon with different body parts, including hands, which must remain
clasped. If the balloon touches the ground, the players in that group
lose the use of a hand. Balloons inevitably fall to the floor, and
each time one does, that group loses the use of another body parts that
was initially allowed to strike the balloon: e.g. elbows, shoulders,
head, or thigh. The group that loses the use of their feet may recycle
to any point of the game that they choose.

Plan for Success: Discuss safety and establish boundaries for each group. Make sure students know how to continue playing if the balloon falls.

Variations: Play the game by blowing the balloon, no
body contact. Another version is to have a player call out “Bloop”
commands, (e.g. heads only, pass the balloon clockwise, sit down and use
feet only, etc) to keep the game lively.