Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How to Play: The words below are said or sung as you pass a hand
slap from one person to the next. The passing is done by having
everyone put their left hand, palm up, under the right hand (palm up) of
the person to their left; and their right hand (palm up) on top of the
left hand (palm up) of the person to their right. Then in the rhythm of
the rhyme, one person lifts her right hand and slaps the right hand of
the person on her left, and then immediately returns her right hand to
the left hand of the person on her right. On the next beat, the person
to her left (whose hand was just slapped) slaps the hand of the person
on his left. The slap is thus passed around the circle on the beat,
until the number 8 is said. The person whose hand is slapped on 8 is
out, and either sits in the middle, or heckles. You can have the people
in the middle play their own game at the same time and in the same
rhythm. Their “outs” would have to step out — and could then heckle!

“Bo bo ski wattin tattin
Uh uh boom boom boom boom boom
Itty bitty wattin tattin
Bo bo ski wattin tattin
Bo bo ski wattin tattin
One two three four five six seven eight!”

Variations: Try counting in other languages!

un uno echad eeh eins (eyens)
deux dos shtayeem twee zwei (tsveye)
trois tres shalosh drie drei (dry)
quatre quatro arbah vier vier (fear)
cinq cinco hamaysh vief funf (funf)
six seis sheysh zies sechs (zex)
sept siete sheva zeven sieben (zee bin)
huit ocho shmoneh acht acht (ahkt)