Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Two tennis balls per team and markers, large open space

How To Play:In this relay, two teams of eight compete against each other. There can be as many pairs of teams as you have players.

For each team, mark one tennis ball with a T for TAXI and mark the other
ball with a P for PLANE (you could use two different colored balls for
this instead of tennis balls).

Set up the teams in a shuttle formation, two single-file lines facing
each other. Four people from each team are on one side of the dividing
line and the other four people are on the opposite side. Players one and
two are at the head of their lines.




Give the tennis ball marked T to player 1 on each team. Have the ball marked P on the dividing line.

The object of the game is to have all members of your team catch the
TAXI so they can catch the PLANE before all members of the opposing
team(s) do so.

On “GO,” player 1 from each team throws the TAXI to player 2 and then
runs to the end of the line on the opposite side (for example, 1 runs
behind 8), and player 3 moves forward. Player 2 throws to player 3,
then 3 to 4, and so on until 8 throws the TAXI to player 1. Player 1
puts the TAXI down and picks up the PLANE, and the team repeats the
drill. When player 8 catches the PLANE, the relay is complete. The
first team to do so wins. The further the distance between the lines,
the more challenging the relay!

Plan for Success: Given your space limitations, determine whether or not it would be best to play this game outside.

Variations: A round robin tournament can be set up to
allow all teams to compete among one another. The winning travelers
can be declared.