Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players form two teams. One player is chosen to be
the referee. The teams sit on the floor in facing lines facing. At the
head of the lines, the referee sits between the two players with a
coin. At the end of the line, a small ball or other item sits in the
middle of the last two players. All the team members hold hands and
close their eyes. The only team members who can keep their eyes open
are the two at the head of the lines. They watch as the referee flips
the coin. If it lands tails, nothing happens. If it land on heads, the
hand squeezing begins. It is a race to squeeze hands quick enough so
that your team member at the end of the line can be the first to grab
the ball or other item in the middle. The winning team gets to rotate
their players down one. The game is over when a team has rotated all
their players through the line.

Plan for Success:
Before beginning the activity, model and practice how to squeeze hands
quickly and with the correct (gentle) amount of pressure. Also model
and practice how to rotate players down to the end of the line.