Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Paper, pencils

How To Play: On several slips of paper, the leader or students
write nouns associated with a selected topic. Each player is given a
noun and then tries to make connections with other players’ words. When a
connection is made, the players stand next to each other. When the
leader notices connections are being made, he signals a brief stoppage
to allow players to notice the connections.

Topic: Astronomy
Possible nouns: Big bang, supernova, telescope, galaxy, black hole,
asteroid, lunar eclipse, universe, star, Orion, dark matter, etc.

Topic: Geometry
Possible nouns: Rhombus, trapezoid, parallel lines, acute angle, triangle, etc.

Plan for Success:
Prepare a set of connecting nouns ready to use before playing the first
time. Share the set with players. Using “P” of PWR, players can notice
that all nouns are related, and that there are enough-or more than
enough-for everyone. In later rounds of play, players can generate their
own sets.

Variations: Once connections are explored, players
reconnect in a specified order (see examples below) and involves as many
players as possible.

Chronological order within the topic of astronomy: Big bang, universe, star, supernova, black hole, telescope
Size order within the topic of astronomy: Universe, galaxy, star, lunar eclipse, asteroid, telescope

See also Charades and Pictionary.