Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Organize students into two horizontal lines facing
each other. The teacher explains to the class that she will call out a
series of statements and if the students believe the statement is true
about themselves they will cross to the other side. As students cross
to the other side they may pass another student who is moving to the
opposite side. When students pass each other as they cross to the
opposite side they will high five each other in acknowledgement. This
continues as the teacher calls out more statements. After awhile the
teacher may ask the students to call out other things which may be true
about the group. This continues until the teacher ends the activity.

Sample statements:

Cross over if you helped someone today.
Cross over if someone helped you today.
Cross over if you feel you accomplished a lot today.
Cross over if you learned something new and exciting.
Cross over if you challenged yourself today and feel good about it.
Cross over if you learned something new about a classmate.
Cross over if you haven’t crossed over yet.
Cross over if you saw an act of kindness today.
Cross over if you smiled at someone today.
Cross over if you practiced having self-control this afternoon.

Plan for Success: Model and practice how to walk across to the other side without running into other students.