Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: One player starts by saying something that is true about themself, e.g., I live to play basketball. I have two brothers. If that is true about anybody else in the circle, they respond by snapping their fingers, standing up or taking a small step forward and flipping up their hands (choose one response action) and say, “Ditto!” The game goes around the circle until everybody has had a chance.

Plan for Success: Sometimes a player will give a statement that no one else has in common. This is fine, but it is best to prepare players for this scenario. In this scenario, it would be the job of the entire group to give two snaps up or a collective clap to acknowledge the uniqueness. The game continues from there.

Scaffold: Consider the age of the students and begin with a simpler version of the game scaffolding up to other variations.


  • Graph some of the responses or have someone record the data to use in math or another curriculum area.
  • Players responding with “Ditto!” can walk across the circle and high five one or two others as they cross and find a seat.  Use equity sticks to choose the next player to say something.
  • Brainstorm with students others actions or verbal responses that could be used.
  • Use the commonalities found in the game as conversation starters at lunch or other times throughout the day.