Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: How To Play: One player volunteers or is selected to
be the guesser and leaves the room. While the guesser is out, the rest
of the class chooses a “Dr. Snooze.” Dr. Snooze can put other people to
sleep with the wink of her eye. After the guesser is invited back into
the circle, Dr. Snooze covertly winks to hide his/her identity from the
guesser. As Dr. Snooze winks at other players, they pretend to fall
asleep by closing their eyes or resting their heads. The guesser tries
to determine which player is Dr. Snooze before everyone in the room is
asleep. When the guesser identifies Dr. Snooze, the game can continue
with a new guesser and a new Dr. Snooze.

Plan for Success: Model
and practice how to wink in a sneaky way so players have a chance to
feel comfortable winking before they are chosen to be Dr. Snooze. Also
some younger students may not be able to wink and instead could blink to
put someone to sleep.

Variations: Frogger or Frog Detective is another
version of this game. Instead of a winking , the player chosen to be the
frog sticks out her tongue to put people to sleep.