Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials needed: A copy of the Googleheim frame for each team

Choose a word to go in the left-hand column and categories to go into
the top columns of the grid. Place students into teams of 4-5 players.
Team members work together filling in the grid as much as they can with
their joint knowledge. After a set amount of time teams come back to
the whole group and share their grids.

Sample grid:

FRIENDS Action words-verbs Places-nouns Describers-adjectives/adverbs
F funny
R racing restaurants
I ice-skating ice-rinks interesting
E everywhere! exciting
N napping neighborhood nice
D dancing
S sliding school silly

Plan for Success:
Plan how groups will be assigned. Be sure teams are well balanced.
Model turn-taking, listening to each other, and voice levels. Discuss
“what if’s”: “What if you can’t agree on an answer for a space?” “What
if someone is dominating the group?” “What if you can’t think of a word
to go in a blank?”

For older students, increase the challenge with more difficult words and
categories in the Googleheim frame. For example, the word could be
BIOME, and the categories across the frame could be, Tundra, Savannah,
Desert, Rainforest.

Variations: Let team players choose the word and categories.

Award points to add competition among the groups: one point for each filled box and 3 points for each answer nobody else has.