Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: A blindfold, objects that make noise

How To Play: Players form a circle. One player volunteers to
play the role of “guard dog” and sits in the middle of the circle.
Leader blindfolds the guard dog and places 5-8 noise-making objects
nearby. Leader chooses a player to attempt to take one of the objects
without making any noise. As the player tries to do this, the guard dog
is told to bark if she hears any noise, in which case the player must
leave the object in its place and return to his spot. If the guard dog
doesn’t bark, the player takes the object to his spot and keeps it until
the game is over. In either case, that player’s turn is over and leader
chooses a new player to try to take an object. A new guard dog is
chosen when all objects have been taken, or when all players have had a
chance to try to take an object.

Examples of noise-making objects: keys, bag of marbles, box of markers,
bell, rain sticks, bag of pattern blocks, box of push pins, box of

Plan for Success: Players must remain silent during the game except for the barks of the guard dog.