Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How to Play: Think of a number and write it down on a piece of
paper. Hide the number and let students know that you have chosen a
number between one and ____. Choose a number range that appropriately
challenges the group, given their age and skill level. Going around the
circle, students take turns asking a yes-or-no question to try to
determine the number. If a student does not have a question he may
pass. A student who thinks she knows the number may take a guess. If
the guess is incorrect, the questioning continues. If it’s correct, the
teacher may choose another number or pick a child to choose a number.
To emphasize the cooperative nature of this activity, be sure that the
child who correctly guesses the number is not the next one to choose a
number. The ultimate goal of this activity is to see how many numbers
the group can figure out within a certain period of time.

Plan for Success:
Encourage students to think of questions that will give them
information about the number, rather than questions that just eliminate
one number. Instead of asking if it’s the number after fourteen, for
example, students might ask if it’s a two-digit number, whether it’s
larger than ten, or if it has a five in it. This activity helps
children develop questioning skills and listening skills.

Variations: Similar to 20 Questions