Materials: None

Students form an
inner and an outer circle. The inside circle faces the outside circle. Students
who are facing each other are now partners who greet each other with the
following chant. At the end of the chant, the inside circle then moves one
person to the right. Now everyone has a new partner and repeats the chant. This
continues until everyone is back in their original place.

Hello ____,
what d’ya say (wave to your partner)
It’s gonna be a beautiful day (arms
circle over head and then move down to sides)
Clap your hands and boogie on
down. (clap hands and boogie down.)
Give me a bump and turn around. (gently
bump hips)

Plan for Success:
Model and practice the moves, words, and safe

Variations/Extensions: Instead of bumping hips, students can
jump (Give me a jump and turn around) or raise hands high (Then raise
your hands and turn around