Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Paper, pencils, dice

How To Play: You will need a piece of paper for each player and
one pencil and one die per group. Divide the students up into groups of
four to six players. Groups sit in separate, mini circles. Each group
puts the pencil and the die in the center of the circle. Each player
places a piece of paper in front of him or her. The object is to be the
first player to write up to 100 by ones. Here is the catch. Players
can write only if they roll a six.

The die is passed around the circle. Each player rolls the die. The
first player to roll a six starts to write the numbers 1 to100 by ones.
Others in the group continue to pass and roll the die. The next player
to roll a six takes the pencil from the player who has it and starts
writing the numbers 1-100 by ones. This pattern continues around the
group. When a player get the pencil back, she continues to write
numbers from where she left off when the pencil was taken. The first
person to get to 100 says, “Hot 100.”

Plan for Success:
Practice the game as a whole group first. Model giving up the pencil
when someone else rolls a six. You could try this game with younger
students, but start with a smaller number.