Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: The leader selects an object, for example a roll of
masking tape. However, the tape is no longer a roll of tape when it is
passed from player to player. The tape could become a necklace, CD,
donut, or whatever the leader decides to call the tape. The leader
starts and says, “___________(name of person next to the leader) I pass
to you a __________________.” The player receiving the item says “Thank
you ________________,” (naming of the player passing the tape) and then
turns to her neighbor on her right and passes the tape. Repeat this
process until everyone has had a turn.

Variations: Players could use their imaginations when
both passing and receiving the object by changing its identity. For
example, the tape could become a donut when passed and the receiving
player could dramatize the change by taking a bite.