Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: The leader must count off the group consecutively,
telling everyone to remember their number (the leader takes the last
number). The object of the game is for the It to get a seat. This can
happen in two ways:

1) “My chair is hard”
It goes up to any player and asks, “How do you like your chair?” If the
answer is “My chair is hard” the It then asks, “Which chair would you
rather sit in?” The player has to give two numbers (2 and 15, for
example). Instantly, two players who have those numbers and their two
neighbors must exchange chairs. While this is happening, the It tries to
get a seat. After the exchange, the player remaining without a seat is
the new It.

2) “My chair is soooo comfy”
The It asks, “How do you like your chair?” If the answer is “My chair is
soooo comfy,” all players must change chairs while the It tries to get a
chair. The player remaining without a chair is the new It.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice safe movement in the circle. Consider what to do
when more than one player comes to a chair at the same time. This game
requires quite a bit of self control and if students do not follow
safety rules the game ends.

Variations: This game is also known as “Do You Want a
Comfortable Chair?” Count off students using names of states instead
of numbers. It asks “Do you like where you live?” If the student answer
“no”, It asks “What state do you want to live in?” The student asked
must remember state names and call those out in their answer.