Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Clipboards, premade survey sheets, pencils

How To Play: Players get a survey sheet, clipboard, and pencil.
Players mingle around the room collecting answers to survey questions
from other players. Only one answer per classmate is recommended to
keep players mixing as much as possible. When most players appear to
have completed their surveys, leaders call players back to the circle.
Read one question at a time and have volunteers share what they wrote on
their survey form.

Plan for Success:
Read the survey sheet aloud to everyone before the interviewing
begins. Model and practice how to ask and answer questions in a
friendly way.

Variations: After surveys are completed and the
circle is remade, leader moves focus from player to player, asking,
“What have we learned about (name of student)?” In response, players check their survey sheets for answers given by the student in question.