Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: This game is a call and response circle game. The
group sings the song below to call a student to the center of the
circle. This game could also be used as a greeting later in the year or
when student demonstrate a high level of comfort with one another.

Group: “Jump in, jump out
Turn yourself about
Jump in, jump out
Introduce yourself!”

Person called to center: “Hi! I’m ___________”(his or her name)

Group: “Hi, __________!”

Center person: “I’d like to __________” (name an activity. e.g. play the drums)

Group: “Ye—-ah”

Center person: “And I’m gonna_______________” (repeat activity above)

Group: “Ye—–ah…”

Center person: “For the rest of my life!”

Group: “For the rest of her/his life!
Jump in, jump out…etc…
Introduce yourself!”

Continue around the circle. If time is short, instead of singing the
entire song, after five rounds skip the closing section of the song,
following “For the rest of her/his life!” with “Introduce yourself!”

Plan for Success:
The words will be confusing to younger students, so a written chart may
be helpful. Older students, if shy, can stay in their spots instead of
entering the center of the circle.

Variations: This can be a greeting as well.