Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: String or chalk; create key punches-20 objects of same
size and shape, numbered 1 to 20; objects must be heavy enough to not
blow away in the wind (e.g., small wood blocks)

How To Play: In an outside space, designate a circle using string
or chalk. Scatter the numbered objects, or key punches, inside the
circle. Working as a whole class, the group starts about 15-20 feet
away from the circle, runs to its edge, and one player at a time enters
the circle and begins to punch the numbers consecutively (punch 1 then
2, 3, 4 and so on). The group creates a plan to do this as fast as
possible. For example, players could stand around the circle edge to
coach the one inside towards the key punches in the proper consecutive
order. After all group members have punched all the numbers, the group
runs back to the start line. Time the group’s effort starting when the
first player crosses the circle line to punch the keys, and ending when
the whole group is back at the start line.

Plan for Success: After playing the game, discuss the experience-what worked well and what didn’t-and try to improve the group’s time.