The word kudos comes from the Greek word Kudos meaning magical glory. Use Kudos comments to create a bit of magical glory.

How To Play:  Begin or end each meeting with Kudos. Name a person or person(s) for something specific they have done to further their own professional or personal goals. State what was done and why it is important. E.g. “Kudos to Mark for implementing his new science unit he planned on ethics in science to help our students prepare for the future. Your innovation inspires us all!”

Variations: Create Kudos cards and have teachers write them out for each other at a meeting and collect them. Be sure to keep a list so all are noticed by the end of the year.

You can add traveling awards that are passed from teacher to teacher during each staff meeting.

Flashlight: Shine a light on a bright idea
Megaphone: Spoke out on an issue
Rubber Band: Kept things together
Lifeline: Helped somebody
Bag: Carried the load

Plan for Success: Make sure that throughout the school year all are recognized, don’t forget support staff and para-professionals.  In planning staff meetings, allow room for acknowledgements such as Kudos or other ways to reinforce success.