Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: The human qualities of cats have always fascinated
people. Although the origin of this game is not certain, it was no
doubt inspired by a rather colorful feline.

All players sit in a circle on the floor or in chairs. The object of
the game is to provide adjectives describing the minister’s cat. Each
new adjective must begin with a different letter of the alphabet, in
order. The first player might say “The minister’s cat is an angry cat.”
The next player would have to use a word that starts with B. For
example, she might say, “The minister’s cat is a beautiful cat,” and so

Players can tap out a soft, four-beat rhythm on their knees throughout
the game. Each player should be prepared with a new word when his turn
comes, so the rhythm is not broken. The rhythm emphasizes different
parts of the sentence. “The MIN-ister’s CAT is a CRANK-y CAT.” Speed up
or slow down the rhythm, depending on how well the group is doing!

Plan for Success:
With younger students, review the order of the alphabet, or just play
without following a letter order. To provide additional help, brainstorm
and post some words to use in the game.

Variations: Try using adjectives that begin with only a particular letter.