Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How To Play: Warm Up: Leader call outs a shape and players create
that shape with their body. Practice creating shapes in low, middle,
and high space. Low space is closest to the floor, high is at or above
heads, and middle is in between. Shapes can be described as low,
twisted, high curved, etc.

1. Players find a partner and then choose roles of inventor or reflector
for the first round. Roles will switch for subsequent rounds.
2. Leader calls out shapes. Inventor starts and when ready says “same”
and the reflector creates the same shape. Switch roles and have the
reflector become the inventor and repeat.
3. Switch the inventor and reflector again. The shape is called out and
this time the inventor says “different” and the reflector does
something different by changing the space or the shape. Switch jobs and
4. Continue to call out shapes and but the inventor decides to call out same or different. Switch inventors.
5. If time, have half the group try it while the other half notices shapes. Switch.
6. Create brief same and different pieces by stringing together three
simple movements and the audience can see the sequence of same and
different shapes.

Plan for Success:
Consider your group’s readiness for the game as some groups may find
movement in front of their peers a risky venture. To begin, the
teacher will be the leader. When ready, students can practice and then
perform the role of leader. Define and practice low, medium, and high
space, as well as how players might respond to different shape cues. To
process the experience after playing this game, ask: What have you
noticed about your comfort level with moving?

Variations: Connect to social studies by thinking of conflict resolution with same and different or cultures that have same and different.