Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How To Play: Seated and in partners, players face each other,
hands up in front, palms facing-close but not touching. They take turns
leading and following. One player leads and the other follows. The
object is for the leader to move her hands and the follower to imitate
as exactly and simultaneously as possible, as if a mirror reflection.

Plan for Success:
A pair of students could volunteer to model and practice an appropriate
range of motions and actions. This game should be introduced when the
group has adequate trust and comfort for the physical closeness of this

Variations: Players stand while creating the mirror reflection, adding movements of arms, legs, and/or the whole body.

The leader can vary the tempo, dynamics, emotional expression, or direction of movement.

The leader can call out “Same!” or “Different!” and the partner follows
the instruction, trying to match (same) or diverge from (different) the
leader’s actions, until she changes the movement and makes another call.

See Mirror/Reflector for more variations.