Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials Needed: A large, flat outdoor or indoor space, six
soccer balls, two soccer goals, and cones or equivalent for playing
field boundaries.

How To Play: Games are 12 minutes long. Two advisory groups
gather to play. Each advisory is divided into two groups and then each
group plays against half the other advisory class for six minutes,
followed by a one-minute switch time. During the switch time, the other
halves of the advisory classes take the field and those who have
already played move to the sideline. Leader starts play by introducing
two soccer balls to the center of the field and giving a command to
commence play. After each minute of play, leader adds another ball until
all six balls are in play at once. The advisory class with the most
goals after 12 minutes wins. Ties are broken by conducting a shootout.


  • While sitting out on the sideline, no interference with play is allowed.
  • Goalies may use hands; otherwise, the ball must not be touched by hands.
  • Goalies must remain in designated area (near the goals).
  • No other players are allowed in goalie’s designated area (near the goals).
  • All players must be alert! There are several balls in play at once! Heads up!
  • Goalies must remain on their feet (no intentional sprawling in front of goal to prevent goals).
  • To avoid injuring a goalie, teams may not kick more than one ball at a time on goal.
  • Breaking a rule will result in ten pushups or sit-ups, after which players are allowed back in the game.
  • Rough play will result in the offender being disqualified from play and from future tournament games.