Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: One player is chosen to start the story with a very
silly example such as, ” On your way to school this morning, did you
see that bus full of quacking giraffes?” The next player says, “No, no,
no….” and changes part of the story in an equally ridiculous way. For
example, the next player might say, “No, no, no…that wasn’t a bus of
full of quacking giraffes! It was actually a boat full of roaring
chickens!” The story continues to change as it goes around the circle
and ends when everybody has had a turn.

Plan for Success: Model and practice with the group how to start a silly story and how to change it.

Variations: To make the activity more challenging,
have each player add to the story rather than changing it. Using the
example above, the second player could say “No, no, no … it was a bus
full of quacking giraffes and it was pulling a boat full of
roaring chickens!” The next player would add a third part to the story
after repeating what had come before.