Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Number cards, one for each player

How To Play: On cards, write zero to the total number of students
in the class, one number per card. In a circle, players sit in order,
starting with zero. All the players hold up their numbers. The goal is
to try to get to the zero spot. The zero player starts and calls any
number, that player has to call another number, and then that player
calls another number. For example, zero calls 12, 12 calls 21, 21 calls
7, and so on. Players can not call their own number, hesitate, speak
out of turn, or mumble.

The player who makes a mistake stands up and puts his number on his
chair. Anybody holding a number higher than that player’s number does
the same. The person who made the mistake goes to the last number place
and everybody else moves up one number. For example, in a class
numbered up to 24 and 13 makes the mistake, numbers 13 to 24 stand up,
13 goes to 24, 24 goes to 23, 23 goes to 22, 22 goes to 21, and so on.
Because the goal is to sit in the zero spot, players try to make the
zero player make a mistake. After a few rounds, you can start to add
rules, such as you may not call one up or one down from the number you
are holding.

Plan for Success: Model and practice with a small group first.