Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: The person who is It stands by the white board
facing the class. The teacher writes a number on a sticky note and
sticks it on Its back. It turns around so the class can see the number.
It then asks “yes-or-no”-questions about that number such as “Is it
bigger than 10…” which the class answers. Provide a number line on the
white board to be used to help students see how to narrow the guesses
and what is left. When it is down to two numbers they guess one and then
take the number off their back.

Plan for Success:
To differentiate this game allow students to ask for hints if they can
not come up with questions. If students can not come up with the answer
you can plan for this by allowing “give aways.” This is when a player
whispers the answer to the It person. It should be made clear that
there are no “give aways” unless the It person asks for one. If an
answer is given one without asking that player should be given a break.

Variations: Instead of numbers, students could use words, capitals or countries, titles, etc. Adjust the challenge to the grade level.