Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Each team needs 1 paper cup, 1 die from a set of dice, string, and 2 chairs

How To Play:Divide the players into teams of equal numbers (six
or more per team). Each team should line up single file at one end of
the classroom. At the other end of the room place one cup for each
team. Hang a piece of string between two chairs at waist level, and
place the string on the far side of the row of cups. Place one die in
front of each team.

On “Go,” the first player from each team rolls the die until she rolls
the number one. Then she runs with the die to the far side of the
string (she is now facing her teammates), leans over the string, holds
the die at waist level, and drops it into the paper cup. She is allowed
a maximum of six tries to get the die in the cup. After the die has
landed in the cup, or six attempts have been made, she runs back to the
starting line and gives the die to the second player.

The second player must roll the die until it shows the same number as
the number of tries it took the first player to get the die in the cup.
For example, if player one got the die in the cup on her third try,
player two rolls until he gets a three; if player one did not get the
die in the cup at all, then player two rolls until he gets a six). When
player two has rolled the proper number, he runs down and tries to drop
the die in the cup. This continues until everyone has had a turn.

The objective of each team is to move through the relay as fast as they can.

Plan for Success: Before playing, strategize with students how to improve their chances of getting the die in the cup.