Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: Everyone in a circle numbers off one through however
many students are in the class. The students must remember their
number. The #1 person starts by calling out another number. Whoever is
called, must then call out another number. You must be listening for
your number so you can call out another number. If you don’t hear your
number, you must move to the last chair in the circle and everyone moves
down. The object is to get into seat number one. Once someone has
moved down, their number then changes. For example, number one calls
number 10, but number 10 didn’t call out another number. Number 10 then
must go to the last seat and everyone moves down a seat. So, the
person that was number 11 now becomes number 10 and so on.

Plan for Success:
During the first few tries, renumber students to get the hang of the
game. Younger students could have number cards to hold up or place in
front of themselves to make the game easier.

Variations: Each person chooses an animal action and
must watch for their action to be shown. The students then show their
action and show someone else’s. If they don’t catch it, they must move
to the last spot in the circle.