Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Rock or coin to pass

How To Play: Players sit in a circle on the floor holding their
palms up and out to their sides. Right palms connect to the right
neighbor’s left palm, continuing all around the circle until everyone is
connected, palms up. One player is in the center with her eyes closed.
To begin, each player takes their OWN right hand as if to pick
something out of their left hand and pretend to pass the rock from one
hand to another. The whole circle should pretend the passing in unison.
It should look as if a rock is being passed each time, disguising its
whereabouts from the player in the middle. When the motion becomes
smooth, add the rock to the passing motion and tell the player in the
middle to open his eyes.

The chant below is said as the rock passes from player to player. The
player in the center has three guesses to discover who has the rock.

“Rock, rock how you wander,
From one hand in to the other.
Is it fair? Is it fair?
To keep poor (name player in the middle) sitting there?”

Repeat the chant while the player guesses.

Plan for Success: Be sure to practice the passing motion. Write out the words to the chant for younger students.

Variations: Try adding a coin instead of a rock and change the chant to as follows:

“Little coin you have to wander,
From one hand in to the other
Is it lovely? Is it fine?
Just don’t let yourself be seen.”