Community Level 1

Materials: None or simple materials from the classroom

Group Call and Response

Begin in a circle with a simple clapping and leg slapping beat. Once the group is in sync, “call” out a four beat improvisation for the group to copy then go back to the beginning rhythm for four beats. Once the leader has made a few as a practice, pass the improvisation around the circle.

Desk Jam Trios

Break students into groups of three. Each group is required to come up with a simple Desk jam using only a pencil and hands. The jam can either be a call and response or the same beat done by each member together.

Whole Class Opus

Allow students to use any object in the room to create their own unique four beat rhythms. A closing book, shaken pencil box, or jacket zipper can all be ways to create a rhythm. Begin by having a conductor keep a beat by hitting sticks or clapping. Once the beat is established, students begin adding their rhythms one by one, always keeping the same rhythm until all are part of the Opus. The conductor can then indicate an increase and decrease in volume. End the Opus by each student stopping one by one in the opposite order in which they joined e.g. first in, first out.