Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: A small object to hide

How To Play: Choose an object to hide and share it with the
class. Send three-five students outside. Hide the object in the room
so that it is partly visible. When the students who stepped out return,
the class taps two fingers on one hand and watches the students. The
class taps louder and faster as one or more of the searchers get closer
to the object. When a player sees the object, she goes back to her
chair and says “Snaggledoodle.” The group keeps searching until all
have seen the object, or until a predetermined time limit had expired.

The game can be repeated as many times as there are groups of students.
You could hold a final round with all the players who said
“Snaggledoodle” first in each round.

Variations: Think of different words to say when the object is sighted that fit your curriculum.