To share and gain information about group work products; to
gather a sense of the thinking of the class

1. Work
groups post products and decide the order in which single members will stay to
explain and answer questions while the rest stray.
2. At the leader’s
signal, the first “stay” members remain with their products while the “stray”
members move to other groups’ products.
3. At every signal to change, a
different group member goes back to stay with the group’s work, and everyone
else (including the person who first stayed) moves on to view the next product.
The result is that everyone sees all but one product.


  • Groups examine each other’s culminating projects for a unit.
  • Groups examine each other’s “want-to-know” questions as class begins a unit.
    One group agrees to compile all the

Each group’s ideas and work
are publicly seen. Groups can post response sheets to gather audience feedback.


  • After groups finish straying, they can produce something that summarizes
    what they learned from doing their work and seeing that of others.
  • Each group creates questions about the content of their project; compiled
    questions become a test.

Resources Needed
Timer, groups’
work products; audience response forms if desired 

2-5 minutes at each product; stray as many times as
needed or as there are products to view