Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Small stick or pebble

How To Play:

Stick, stick, how you wander
From one hand on to another.
Is it fair? Is it fair?
To leave poor ________ standing/sitting there?

This is a sleight-of-hand game. All players sit in a circle, hands up,
palms up. Each player’s right hand lies on top of his
neighbor-to-the-right’s left hand. A rhythmic pattern is established
wherein everyone simultaneously simulates picking something out of his
or her own left hand and placing it in his or her partner’s left hand.
(Practice this movement with everyone doing it at once before you add
the hiding part below.)

Once the rhythm has been established, a small stick or pebble is
introduced and makes its way around the circle, hidden from the sight of
the player who is It. It stands in the middle of the circle, and while
the verse is chanted or sung, It tries to guess where the stick is at
the moment. Whoever has the stick when It guesses correctly goes into
the middle. The player in the middle can be given several tries. The
guesses can occur at any time.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice passing the small stick or pebble while trying to
keep it hidden. Determine in advance how many guesses It will receive
before another player becomes It.