Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Prepare a list of contrasting statements about student preferences. Here are just a few examples:

  • I like to sleep late in the morning / I like to get up early
  • I like sweet foods / I like salty foods
  • I like to swim in lakes / I like to swim in pools
  • I eat meat / I’m a vegetarian
  • I like to take my time / I like to hurry
  • I like rainy days / I like sunny days

How to Play: Players make a circle and then come to the center to
form a line. The leader calls out a pair of statements and designates a
side of the room on which players should stand to indicate their
preference. For example, “All who like rainy days go to the left. All
who like sunny days stand, go to the right.” As soon as students have
reached their sides they can look around to see who else is in the
group. Quickly, the leader calls out another pair of choices. In this
fashion, players take a side, grouping and regrouping themselves
repeatedly. Occasionally, the caller may say, “If neither is true for
you, go to the middle.” The last statement can be, “If you are a
student in Ms./Mr. _________ (your name) class, sit in a circle.”

Plan for Success:
Model and practice moving safely across the room. Explain that
statements are limited to two choices and students need to make a choice
based on what is closest to true for them. In some cases, both things
are true to some degree, but students make a choice about which they

Variations: Later in the year, ask the students to brainstorm a list of contrasting statements to use for this activity.