Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How To Play: Leader divides students into two or three teams and
gives each a topic. Each team chooses a small, portable object in the
room. The teams circle up and place their small objects in the center.
At the start signal, team members take turns entering the middle of the
circle, picking up their object and, relevant to the chosen topic,
dramatizing with it. The rest of the teams try to guess the subject of
the drama. When the subject is correctly guessed, the person in the
middle puts it down and exits the middle. Another team member picks it
up and begins acting out a different drama, still relevant to the topic.
When a team exhausts its topic, another team begins.

Topic: The Civil War
In the first drama, a student picks up the object, acts out things a
soldier would have used. The next student uses the object to depict a
specific event of the war.

Variations: In addition to using their selected
object, teams may improvise bits of their drama by using the objects
other teams have brought to the circle. This can be fun, especially when
the other objects appear to have absolutely nothing to do with the
topic given.