Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Large, open space

How to Play: Players walk around within the designated boundary
after the caller says, “All hands on deck!” The caller then can change
the command to one of the choices listed below. The commands require
players to regroup in different ways. Return to “All hands on deck,”
between rounds of the game.

  • “All hands on deck!” Everyone walks around individually.
  • “Person Overboard!” Find a partner. One player kneels and the other pretends to look overboard.
  • “Battlestations!” Make a group of three. One player
    in the middle holds arms up. The player in front points forward. The
    player in the back points back. This configuration resembles the three
    parts of the ship.
  • “Lifeboat!” Find a group of four. Players
    simulate a lifeboat by placing their hands on each other’s shoulders.

Plan for Success: Practice the configuration for each command so that the game can be played quickly.