Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Players form a circle; one player is chosen to be
It. It begins the game by holding his arms together, pointing at
another player, and saying “waah.” The player pointed at puts her hands
together in the air above her head and says “waah.” The two players on
either side of her put their arms together and point at her while
saying “waah” with her, in unison. If all three are successful, It
points at (and says “waah” to) someone else, and the player pointed at
must say “waah” in unison with her neighbors while her neighbors point
at her. If one of the players in the threesome is slow at saying “waah,”
slow to point, or points incorrectly, he sits down. It continues
selecting other players around the circle until there is only one player
left standing.