Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Paper and pencil

How To Play: The leader chooses a current topic of study, forms players into groups of four and passes a blank piece of paper to each group. Players write their names (first, last, and/or middle) at the top of their group’s paper. Groups then brainstorm words that both fit the selected topic and begin with letters of their names. When they are finished, each group stands up and names its best three to five words. Players can also be acknowledged for having:

  • The most words
  • The longest word
  • The most words with more than three letters


List as many words as you can that are associated with weather.
List as many periodic-table elements as you can.
List items at the bottom of the food pyramid.
List any/all grammatical terms studied this year.

Plan for Success: Students need to understand that all letters from group members’ names are eligible for use, not just the first letters of each name.

Variations: Pick a “getting- to- know- you” topic. 

What activities are you looking forward to doing this weekend? 
What items might you want to purchase at an estate sale or garage sale?