Community Level 2 – Familiar

Zamacquack is a bird that cannot see or fly and walks backwards.

Materials: None

How To Play: Players number off by 1s and 2s to create two groups. One group forms a circle around the other group of players. The outside players hold hands with the exception of two players, creating an opening. The class can choose to create two openings instead with four players not holding hands. 

The players in the middle put their hands on their knees, close their eyes, and walk backwards. The outer circle sings loudly (a predetermined song) as the group on the inside moves backward looking for the opening. Those from the inner group who make it to the opening begin to quack loudly to help the others find the opening. Once all players from the inner group have found the opening they become the outer circle. The outer circle moves to the middle and the Zamacquack search for the opening begins again. The game is over when both groups have had a chance to be Zamacquack, or after as many rounds as you wish.

Plan for Success: This can be a noisy game, consider your neighbors or possibly practice quieter singings and quacking. Model and practice safe backward movement with eyes closed. After the middle group closes it eyes, the teacher indicates where the openings are in the circle. Remember to choose the outside circle’s song before the games begins. 

Variations:This activity is also called Chicken Coop.