Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How to Play: A player is chosen to be It. The other players
learn the name of their ZIP (the person on their right), and the name of
their ZAP (the person on their left). It approaches any player, points
and says, “ZIP?” (or “ZAP?”) and counts to 5 as fast as possible. The
chosen player must say the name of her neighbor on her right (or left if
ZAP is said) before the count of 5. If the chosen player is
successful, she is safe and the player who’s It stays It. If the chosen
player fails she becomes It. However, the It may point to a player and
say, “ZIP ZAP!” This means that all players must find a new seat while
the It tries to get a seat so as not to be It again. The player without
a seat is the new It.

Plan for Success:
While switching from one It to another, players get the names of their
new ZIPs and ZAPs. Model and practice safe movement in the circle.
Problem solve what to do when more than one player comes to a chair at
the same time. If students do not follow the safety rules the game ends.