Positive Discipline book cover

Positive Discipline

The classic guide for parents and teachers on how to use kindness and firmness to help children develop:


Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D Level: Elementary | Middle
Developmental Designs for Middle School


The classic guide for parents and teachers on how to use kindness and firmness to help children develop:
  • self-discipline
  • self-respect
  • responsibility
  • cooperation
  • problem-solving skills
Though there are many variations on this book now available, we believe this one, the original, to be the best. Very practical, written in a warm and human tone, we find this a tremendously helpful resource. Teacher Perspective Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline is one of the most pivotal books I have ever read (and reread) in my career. It helped me have more compassion for students because it taught me to see that behavior is purposeful. Students were acting as they were to get a need met. I don’t have to take it personally. I have stuck to her idea of “firm but kind” in my interactions with students and have seen huge payoffs in strengthened relationships with them and, in turn, increased learning. She lays the groundwork for proactively helping your children and then provides great suggestions for how to help them when they do make mistakes. Her tips on teacher language and winning cooperation from children are practical, easily implemented and make teaching and parenting more fun! I especially enjoyed using her class meeting structures with my fourth graders. The results were amazing. The meetings help children learn how to solve their real-life problems and realize that they are capable of finding their own solutions. Her accompanying family meeting structure is being used in my household today and provides my kids with opportunities to have input on how our family lives. The book is filled with anecdotes from her own experience raising her many children. I had a chance to see her speak and her down-to-earth approach convinced me that her ideas were doable and so respectful to children. It is well worth your time to read this book to reinforce your beliefs about children as well as learn some new ideas. I know I do every time I reread it. Random House, 1996, 260 pages, paper ISBN: 0345402510