For Middle Level & Elementary

Community Level 2 - Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: This game incorporates Rock, Paper, Scissors into the following characters and actions:

Coconut (walking on knees or squatting with bent knees)
Palm Tree (swaying arms overhead)
Volcano (jumping using arms as lava)
King or Queen Kamehameha (doing a princess wave)

All players start as a coconut. They find another coconut and play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever wins, evolves and becomes a palm tree, whoever loses remains a coconut. Palm trees then find other palm trees and repeat the Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner goes on to being a volcano and the loser becomes a coconut. Players try to move up to king or queen, but the game is continuous.

Plan for Success: Help younger students model the roles and review Rock, Paper, Scissors. Model safe movement within whatever space in defined for the game. Set a time limit.

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