Coseeki/ Follow the Leader

For Middle Level & Elementary

Community Level 1 - Acquainted

Materials: none

How to Play: One player leaves the group and stands where she/he cannot see the group. The group chooses a leader who does a movement, such as tapping his toe, which the others follow. The leader changes the movement regularly and the others follow the leader's movement. The hidden player returns, stands in the middle of the circle, watches the movements and tries to guess who the leader is. The player in the middle has three chances to identify the leader. After the leader has been identified or the player in the middle has had three guesses, another leader and guesser are chosen to continue the game.

Plan for Success: Let students think of strategies to help the Seeker and the group from discovering each other. Younger students can start by standing outside of the circle at first to guess if it is too hard to guess while standing inside the circle.


  • Send more than one player away and have them confer
  • Limit the guesses
  • Choose two leaders, who take turns starting new movements.
  • Use movements that make no sound (makes it harder!).


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