Once students have
written their assets and some goals for the year, we guide them through a
creative process to display those goals in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.
Here are directions and pattern for creating a display using gecko

1. Using several colors of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, copy a
gecko tessellation pattern (see Gecko Tessellation Template). Each student will need only one gecko.

Students carefully cut out and tape together one gecko each. (If they haven’t
yet used scissors, tape, or markers in the classroom, proactively care for these
supplies by first doing a quick Exploratory Modeling lesson.)

Students print their names in large, neat letters in the middle of the gecko’s

4. They write words that describe their personal assets on the
gecko’s head, and goals on its forelegs, hind legs, and tail.

5. They
decorate the remaining blank spaces on their geckos in a tasteful way.

Finally, on a large sheet of black bulletin-board paper, students arrange their
geckos together to create a tessellation. (Black tends to make the colorful
geckos “pop” off the surface of the paper better than other colors.)

effect is achieved by carefully gluing or taping the geckos together so that
arms, legs, heads, and tails fit together tightly. It’s best to begin by
affixing a gecko in the middle of the large sheet, and then adding other geckos
around the first one, working from the inside to the outside edge of the paper.