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The Origins Program

The Origins Program offers a robust collection of teaching and learning resources to support students, educators, schools, and districts in achieving cultural equity, social and emotional competencies and academic excellence.

Our approach, Developmental Designs, is a set of research based, developmentally responsive teaching strategies that assist students in advancing their Social Emotional Academic Learning S.E.A.L.®   These strategies encompass a personalized relationship-based learning approach to help educators better connect with students and parents, leverage their specific strengths, and address student needs.

Our one, two and four day workshops were designed to meet the needs of every district and employee. Each workshop is taught by current classroom teachers that have mastered the Developmental Designs strategies and thus deliver practical and sound advice about ‘real-world’ classroom application.

Follow up and on-going support ensures rigorous and successful implementation. Support includes expert in-person and virtual coaching, book study, publications and assessment. Follow up is tailored to meet the needs of your individual district and plan to phasing in the Developmental Designs approach over one or several years.

School Counselor of the Year Nominee speaks about Developmental Designs.

Assistant Principal speaks about Developmental Designs.

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