Global Layers

Mission Statement:

To promote an equitable and humane multicultural society through quality education for all. Established in 1979, The Origins Program is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and the sole provider of the Developmental Designs approach, PreK – High School.

Equity Statement:

We pledge to be active in opposing and dismantling systems and policies that cause harm to our students and educators.

Books to Support Your Students Growth and Learning

Book Name Author Area of Growth and Learning
All Are Welcome By Alexandra Penfold And Suzanne Kaufman Safe and Welcome, Inclusion, Community
Beautiful Opps By Barney Saltzberg Transformation from Blunder to Wonder.
Do Unto Otters By Laurie Keller Classroom Rules
Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus By Mo Willems Classroom Community, Emotions
Don’t Touch My Hair By Sharee Miller Respect, Self-Control
Each Kindness By Jacqueline Woodson Relationship, Community Building
Fletcher’s Big Show By Julia Rawlinson Acceptance, Loving Who You Are, Friendship
Hair Love By Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison Self Love, Fathers and Daughters
How Fletcher Was Hatched By Wende And Harry Devlin Identity, Courage
I Talk Like A River By Jordan Scott Celebrating Individuality
Interupting Chicken By David Ezra Stein Self Control, Blurting
It’s Okay To Be Different By Todd Par Classroom Community, Emotions
It’s Okay To Make Mistakes By Todd Par Classroom Community, Emotions
Julian Is A Mermaid By Jessica Love Celebrating Individuality
Pink Is For Boys Too By Rob Pearlman Empowerment
Red: A Crayon’s Story By Micheal Hall Identity, Courage
The Day You Begin By Jacqueline Woodson And Rafael López Celebrating Individuality
The Dot By Peter H Reynolds Getting Started, Courage
The Family Book By Todd Par Classroom Community, Emotions
The Feelings Book By Todd Par Classroom Community, Emotions
The Gender Wheel By Maya Christina Gonzalez Identity
The Name Jar By Yangsook Choi Celebrating Individuality, Friendship
The Peace Book By Todd Par Classroom Community, Emotions
The Priness Knight By Cornelia Funke Empowerment, Resilience
What If Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick Reflection, Expectations
What Should Danny Do? By Adir Levy, Ganit Levy Decision Making, Right From Wrong